Music for the Soul, Part 4

Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 I felt the weight hit me. I wasn’t expecting it. So quick. The hand moving from Victors pocket. The quick paranoid movement of a killer. The bullet screaming towards me and into me. The pain, the burn hitting seconds after. But for those few seconds there was nothing.... Continue Reading →


Music for the Soul, Part 3

Links: Part 1 , Part 2   His words rang through my ears. “There are rules Charlie, and sometimes one has to play by them”. This can’t just be about a few souls on the line. Surely this is much more. It was almost ten, I had managed to get out of the house earlier... Continue Reading →

Music for the Soul, Part 2

Part 1: Music for the soul I looked down at the torn Handkerchief. Victor…sweet, calm victor. No. There must be a dozen Victor Hemingways in this part of the world. There has to be a mistake. The Devil calmly removed the handkerchief pieces from my hands and put them in his own pocket. He gently... Continue Reading →

Out of the blast

Writing Prompt from:  Written by Iris_lantern Red smoke flushed the houses on either side, rattling the street lights, tearing at the gardens. Shadows encompassed the walls and screams were silenced. Broken glass and plaster splattered onto the sidewalk, and at times back into the now hollowed houses. Then there was silence. His whole world had... Continue Reading →

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