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Red Diamonds

There was a man in the doorway. Four foot three and tightly wrapped in a dark blue suit. His eyes stuttered around the room, hedging on to a detail and then to the next. His eyes finally connected to the safe on the other side of the room, behind a stack on fluro folders. He... Continue Reading →


Prompt: Mediocre  I was at the airport. Waiting, holding a sign with his name amongst several other women and men all waiting. All watching. Some small children crying out, not being able to wait a second more and yet…they have to. Waiting for the silver eagle of a plane to come gliding into the lanes... Continue Reading →


Prompt: Stay The screams filled my head. The thoughts of the men around me stormed my brain. That’s what it felt. The voices drilling deep inside. The air they breathed out filling my lungs. I wanted to be smaller. Hide away into the cracks. The court yard was full. People yelling. Screaming. Growling at the... Continue Reading →

Lake Side View part 2

See previous: Lake side view The lake was seemingly alive with breath. Mist dripped over its surface though the sun still shone through the trees. Nightfall was slowly approaching and Jacob was checking his watch for the fifth time. The cuffs were on his person, not around her wrists. That would have caused a spectacle.... Continue Reading →

Lake side view – part 1

Prompt: "You are In an interrogation room. A man walks in and throws a bunch of photos on the table In front of you. The photos are old and were taken at different points in history. You’re in each one. He demands to know who you are…" Source: https://promptuarium.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/interrogation/  ----------------------------- The white walls scream up around... Continue Reading →

Hand Me Down

Writing prompt: New Moon A new moon was in place. Darkness encompassed the small town and its dusty roads. Davidson let a smile slip from his mouth as the gate closed behind him with a bang. His heart started racing, he told himself it was nothing. Just nerves. On a dark night like this, with... Continue Reading →


Writing prompt: air A breath of fresh air whipped into the room. It was finally midnight. Finally cool and calm, where all were sleeping and nothing mattered. Except for those individuals who stayed awake, waiting for the time where judgment would leave them. No one gives a damn what you’re doing past this hour. Two... Continue Reading →

Stretched Fingers

Writing inspiration: A gun shot once forgotten I went over the facts in my head. The numbers. The exact details, over and over again. I could barely hear my feet on the old pine boards. I rapped my fingers on my pants. Higgins was waiting, I was sure of it, In the lounge. Ready for... Continue Reading →


(sorry for the lack of stories last week, there was an accident in the family) Writing prompt: The News   The problem with a smile, Is almost everything. A smile can do marvellous things, don’t get me wrong. But a smile from Steve was always a problem. Ever since primary school it was a problem.... Continue Reading →

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